Blood Sacrifice, invites the audience to explore and contemplate the cycles of cataclysmic transformation that occur throughout our human lives.  All of us have undoubtedly experienced periods of intense crisis, a dark night of the soul, in which our minds and bodies are tested to their limits.  These circumstances are often defined by deep emotional pain, physical stress, and mental confusion. Throughout such trials, it is a divine life force --blood-- that sustains us.  Without the oxygenated blood flowing through our bodies, our corporeal existence would be cut short-- leaving us without a chance for spiritual redemption or resurrection.But with blood circulating through our bodies and keeping us connected to our own mortality, we endure through the pain.  We still have the power to purge negative thought forms, clarify our intentions, purify ourselves, and emerge stronger than before.  In some strange paradoxical way, the archetype of blood (one that has so often been associated with pain, suffering, and death) becomes a source of salvation.